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Philippe Charlez is born in Belgium in 1956. He is Mining Engineer from Ecole Polytechnique de Mons and PHD from Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris.

He was during 15 years Rock Mechanics Expert for a major Oil & Gas Company dealing with various problems related to hydraulic fracturing, wellbore stability, reservoir compaction and engineering geology.

Philippe then occupies operational positions in drilling (Scotland), large Mature Field Asset Management (Angola & France) and more recently Stakeholder Relation (Kazakhstan) and shales oil & gas.

Philippe Charlez is the author of several books on energy and more than 80 specific papers. In 2017, he has published "Croissance, énergie et climat : dépasser la quadrature du cercle" (De Boek Supérieur Publishing).

Philippe Charlez is the Energy Expert of the Institut Sapiens - a liberal French Think Tank. He teaches Energy Transition at SiencePo, MinesParisTech, CIFE and Dauphine.

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